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duet - Flat & Folded Mail Inserter

ultimate flexibility and throughput

Although many companies work in the same market space, at Gunther we strongly believe that your operational and business needs are different. So we build machines that are as unique as you are, tailored to your specific set of requirements both present and future.


You have needs for Folded Mail. You have requirements for Flat Mail. That means at least two machines. With Gunther, it can be a single piece of equipment that does both jobs, seamlessly and efficiently.



Flexibility - One Machine: Flats and Folded 


Gunther's technological expertise, based on real customer needs, has created duetTM– a mail inserter that can process both flat and folded work at the same time, saving you time, space and money. The way you want, now and for the future.



From Flats to Folded in a Blink of an Eye 


With a mail inserter capable of dynamically processing flat and folded documents, you no longer need two machines or even two operators. Now all you need in one duet, driving your production efficiencies up.



Reduced Footprint, Reduced Manpower 


Two machines blended together into one means a reduced footprint in your mail center; with space always at a premium, the duet always wins. And with one inserter replacing two, you can consider manpower efficiencies too.


   - processes flat and folded documents


   - go from flat to folded mail with no changeover time


   - mix flat and folded mail in the same print stream


   - reduced footprint, reduced manpower.