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Mail Inserters from MB

high speed, high efficiency

For more than 60 years, MB Bäuerle has developed and manufactured machines for post-press paper handling. Today the main focus is placed on automated folding and inserting systems.


Now teaming up with Gunther International, we offer these highly efficient and operator friendly solutions.




autoSET B4 High Flex


The latest autoSET B4 line of inserting systems features a high degree of variability combined with superb operator usability. The inserting system handles all formats from #9 through 10"x 14" with a maximum insertion capability of up to 150 sheets. It has the most complete, most precise and easiest to use automatic set up capability available.  


The B4 can accumulate and v-fold up to 18 sheets of 20lb bond into a #14 envelope without subsetting; and process #10 envelopes at cycle speeds up to 23,000 per hour.  Up to 12 insert stations are standard; insert stations include servo friction, rotary, vacuum drum, and a booklet feeder that handles up to 0.5” books.


File based inserting, multi code reading, reporting, and output verification with Gunther International’s Champion System are available.  Options include but are not limited to subsetting, multi-station matching and inkjet envelope printing.   And, document integrity within this system is second to none.



autoSET 18/XT


The autoSET 18/XT line of inserting systems combines superior set up and ease of use with high up times, high throughputs and excellent modularity.  These systems can be easily and cost effectively reconfigured in the field to meet changing customer requirements.


The autoSET  inserting systems handle envelope sizes from #7 ¾ to 6.5” x 9.5” booklet.  They can accumulate and v-fold up to 14 sheets of 20lb bond without subsetting.  Up to 12 insert stations are standard.  Insert stations include servo friction, rotary and vacuum drum.  These systems fit perfectly into both the transaction processing and direct mail markets.


As with the B4 range, multi code reading, reporting, and output verification with Gunther International’s Champion System are available.




prestigeNET Fold 


The prestigeNET FOLD finishing systems is extremely modular, quiet and rugged.  They are very easy to set up, operate offline with cut sheet feeders or roll unwinds with cutters and online with both cut sheet and continuous form printers.  


They are availible in three widths – 15”, 20” and 26” wide with a maximum document length of 52”.  


These folders interface nicely with upstream and downstream 3rd party systems to create many special systems including but not limited to book makers, folder/collector/ bundlers, cold glue and hot melt self-mailers with or without card attaching units.