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Champion Software

intelligence is everything

At the very heart of all of Gunther’s inserting equipment is the Champion operating system. A highly sophisticated blend of the latest software and computing technology designed specifically for the needs of high output, high integrity mailing operations; a true revolution in document finishing equipment control and management systems.


Based on the Microsoft® Windows platform, Champion’s core strength resides in its ability to interface simply and quickly into external enterprise-wide systems and other applications. The open architecture of the database provides businesses with operator and management level analysis, developed efficiently and delivered globally.


Business Data - Measure, Manage, Maximize


The underlying basis for all processes and business decisions is the ability to measure —quickly, simply and accurately. Champion utilizes SQL as the foundation of its data management, providing a wealth of data that can be monitored and utilized internally by Champion's User Interface and also by external programs—delivering information tracking and detailed database storage that is unparalleled.


   - Simple acquisition of system and operating metrics.


   - Standard reports available; custom reports quickly generated.


   - Rapid integration of data into other applications and software.



From Measurement to Management


Champion is a powerful enabler for decision making, not just at the machine and for the user, but also at the business level. For any organization this breadth of data management brings a wealth of benefits.


   - Greater control of operations for increased efficiencies.


   - Continuous evaluation and improvement via readily accessible data.


   - The ability to quantify and qualify processes in real time.



Champion Interface: Simple, Powerful, Elegant


Champion is designed to be easy to implement and simple to use. Its Windows based architecture creates a familiar environment for users, with straightforward navigation. The correct actionable information is always displayed, and a touch screen interface is provided. Operating and managing an inserter has never been so effortless.


   - Fast user training and orientation for maximum efficiency.


   - Clean and obvious navigation.


   - Performs complex jobs with ease for maximum flexibility.



Productivity and Flexibility equals Profitability


Champion's clean and sophisticated design has created an environment in which the maximum speed of the system devices is now obtainable. Increases of two to three times over previous limits are now possible, providing a dramatic improvement in throughput—and one where measurable returns can be realized quickly.


Champion builds on Gunther's traditional versatility by supporting the convertible capabilities of the machines, changing from flat to folded mail rapidly. As the infrastructure is built on modules, the future addition and upgrade of new hardware or software components can be accomplished with ease.


   - Faster throughput, lower ownership costs.


   - Supports rapid change out of flexible systems.


   - Enterprise wide support, simple to add new machines.